Its Coming – Like It Does Every Year At This Time

Yep, the spring allergy season is just kicking off.  I’m not only seeing more patients with allergy symptoms and problems, I’m seeing higher pollen counts, specifically the tree pollens right now.  There was a time when about all I had to offer patients during this time was oral medications just about guaranteed to knock them out and make them feel sluggish all day long.

Now, there are several topical (eye drops) and oral medications that I can Rx to help my patients out.  I also used to have to tell patients to cut down on the amount of time that they wore their contact lenses, to clean them extra well and to realize that they were going to have reduced lens comfort.  Now, more frequent lens replacement helps patients deal with their contact lenses during allergy season better than ever.

If you want to see what the pollen count is like locally, follow this link.  If you are having watering, itchy, red or uncomfortable eyes, give the office a call and come on in.  More than likely, I can help you enjoy our springtime weather better!

Dr. Warren


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