National History and Pride

My family and I made a trip to Washington, DC this past weekend. It was not my first trip to DC, but it was my first trip there as a tourist. We were fortunate enough to have a Capital tour, LIbrary of Congress tour, Bureau of Printing and Engraving tour and we also visited the monuments to Presidents Washington, Lincoln, Jefferson and Kennedy as well as several Smithsonian museums.

I have always been a bit of a history buff, but more 20th century history. I now have a much better understanding of the incredible men and women who freed our country and forged our nation. Its easy to forget that there wasn’t a road map to America, they had to “make it up as they went along” and they did a pretty fine job.

If you ever have a chance to visit Washington, DC, by all means take it. The scenery and attractions are incredible, the people are friendly and the public transportation is first rate.

Dr. Warren
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Government Takeover Of Healthcare

The details of how the House of Representative’s actions last night won’t be known for a long time (I can guarantee you that no one who voted “yes” last night knows them for sure. However, I am very concerned on several levels.

Personally, my HSA is going to go away in three years. Our premium for 4 healthy people is now $760 per month, for a $5,000 annual deductible. That premium and potentially the deductible will go up for sure.

I know that my cost of doing business will go up due to increased health care premiums for my employees. Do I pass that along to the employees or do I pay it from my personal funds (the money left after I pay all of my expenses)?

I know that payments for medical services will go down. There’s no way that insurance plans will be able to operate under the current legislation without cutting doctor’s payments. Medicare will more than likely be cutting physician payments significantly, a 21% cut is pending already.

So, higher personal expenses, higher business expenses and reduced income. Not a good equation for any health care providers.

I can assure you that its not getting any less expensive to provide the care that my patients have come to enjoy and expect. I will not cut corners on the quality of care and patient experience that I provide. This will mean some hard decisions in the months and years to come.

The details are still to be learned, but I am sure that we as Americans are worse off today than we were before 9:47pm Central time last night…..

Dr. Warren

Avocational Pursuits

After listening to my 11 year old son play his 6 string electric guitar, I finally took the plunge and have started playing 4 string electric bass.  What a great outlet, I’m not any good at all yet, but I’ve gotten to the point that I’ll jam away in the basement and really enjoy myself.

One of the best things that I did was buy a decent bass.  I picked up (actually an early Christmas present from my lovely wife Carmen) a Peavey BXP NTB at Schmitt music here in Racine.  Its a gorgeous piece of workmanship with its natural wood finish finish and I love the narrow (referred to as “fast” by us guitar players <G>) neck.

I’m only a bit more than a month into my guitar career, and I don’t think that I’ll be giving up the eye doctor gig any time soon, but it sure is fun!


News And Information – How Do You Get Yours?

I’ve been consuming more and more news and information from non-traditional sources.  I now find that my morning “information search/retrieval” is more centered around my iPhone/Computer than ever before.  I do the following each morning:

  • Read my emails, which catches me up with friends, family and colleagues and generates lots of information which I may follow up on via links in emails
  • Cruise through my FaceBook account to see what friends have been up to/are up to
  • Read Twitter (I have two accounts, one personal and one for my practice), this gets me a ton of information and links to stories of interest.  It takes awhile to get a decent list of people on Twitter that you follow, but once you do, you hear about many things quickly
  • Check out the AP News app on my iPhone which is set to grab any local stories of interest
  • Review USA Today on my iPhone which I use for national news and other stories, they have some very good “off the beaten path” pieces in many of their sections
  • Read the “Racine Post” which is a local online news source

Its only after the above activities, which usually only takes me 5-10 minutes, that I turn on the radio and listen to either FM drive time for entertainment or AM talk radio/news.  I don’t read any newspapers on a regular basis.  I simply don’t need to.  I will visit the occasionally, usually when pointed that way via Twitter, and occasionally will read  With more and more of the traditional print media serving up their information via the internet (either on a computer or even better a phone), its simply much easier, more efficient and free to gather the information that way.

For professional information/education, I listen to several different podcasts (usually when traveling and sitting on airplanes or in airport terminals).  The amount of information that is available via iTunes is incredible.  iTunes U allows you to listen and many times even watch courses that you may find of interest.

So, how do you get your information?……..


Why We Need Glasses

This has been a mystery for a long time. We have blamed genetics and environmental factors and other factors for many years. I listened to a fascinating podcast about this topic. The resercher found that being born in the summer may be linked to becoming nearsighted but can’t tell us why there is an association between summer birth month and being nearsighted.

I think that you’ll find this podcast interesting, and its not very long.

Here’s a link to the podcast.


Summer’s Here?!

Well, it’s 90 degrees and I’m writing this from the gazebo on my back patio. It’s about time, don’t you think?

My sons are finally able to have a water baloon fight (which will end up in a real fight no doubt) an we’re setting up the kiddy pool. Let’s hope that summer stays around!

I’ve personally been suffering from horrible allergies. I hope that you haven’t been sharing misery.


PS. There’s a live Jimmy Buffet concert on radiomargaritaville tonight……