Allergy Season Must Be Coming……

While the weather hasn’t really gotten all that much warmer, the calendar says that it should be.  And the annual increase in drug rep calls promoting Rx allergy medications has spiked, the pollen counts must be getting ready to spike too!  I don’t mind the reps stopping in, especially when there’s something new to tell me about.  However, we’re fortunate to have some pretty good topical and oral allergy medications, and there’s nothing “strikingly new” on the market for this year’s season.  

Probably the best thing about these reps stopping in is the fact that they are dropping off coupons that patients can use to cap their co-pays and out of pocket expenses if they don’t have good drug coverage.  So, get ready, the allergy season is coming, I can tell from the drug reps presence, if not the actual change in the weather!

Dr. Warren

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