Health Care Reform – How I See It’s Impact So Far

While most of the provisions of “ObamaCare” are going to be implemented in the near future, I’m already seeing a real change for my patients.  And its in the form of higher out of pocket expenses for most of my patients.  In an effort to reduce premiums, which have risen quite a bit due to ObamaCare’s mandates, many employers and individuals are opting for significantly higher deductible plans.

This means that instead of being responsible for the first $500 or so per family per year, many families are now responsible for up to and sometimes beyond the first $5000.00 in major medical expenses.  This means several things to my patients.  First is the obvious paying of more health care costs by the patient.  The second is that I’m seeing patients put off or defer important visits and testing related to chronic conditions such as Glaucoma, Diabetic Disease and Macular Degeneration, just to name a few.

I am working on ways to make these changes and this necessary care less of a burden for my patients.  I am considering just about any and all options as I try to position my practice to provide the care that my patients need in a manner that they appreciate and at an expense that they can manage.  Look for more information and musings from me over the next weeks and months.

Dr. Warren

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One thought on “Health Care Reform – How I See It’s Impact So Far

  1. Yup, ObamaCare is an abomination. As you know, I have chronic medical conditions and I’ve already had to start cutting back on medications and appointments that I should be having. And for those of us that are getting older, they’ll soon start rationing our care even further (people who don’t believe that need to read the Act). Then there’s the combined government database of every citizen’s health, personal and financial records (what could go wrong there?). People really need to wake up about ObamaCare and contact their representatives to demand it be repealed. Oh, have I mentioned the highly inappropriate questions all medical personnel are being forced to ask?

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