Technology Is Awesome

But has its limitations too.  The somewhat soon to be released to the public “Google Glasses” have some promise, especially f

or specialty applications, but their usefulness will be limited when first released.  But even though they aren’t even released yet, there are 

other researchers working on a contact lens form of 

the technology.  Still years away from release, the concept is indeed intriguing!  Here’s an a

rticle on the cont

act lens application:

Dr. Warren

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69 years ago today…..

Thousands of brave men and women undertook what was at that time the largest amphibious operation in military history.  All in the hopes of freeing Europe (but in reality the whole world) from the terror of Hitler’s Third Reich.  Thankfully the troops and their leaders prepared for and overcame the challenges of that day.

We’re losing these veterans at a startling pace.  Please, please thank any veteran of any armed conflict for their service, but today, especially WW II veterans.  They are truly the “Greatest Generation”.

Dr. Warren