Contact Lens Removal – Tips In A Pinch….

While we teach all of our contact lens patients how to remove and care for their contact lenses before they leave the office, there are times when you need either a reminder or information for someone else.  Here’s a link to an article about how to remove a contact lens.  While this is no substitute for professional training and care, I like to provide my patients with as much information as I can and this article seemed like something very much worth sharing.

Thanks to our friends at Cooper Vision!

Dr. Warren

Cataract Surgery – Its Not What It Used To Be

I’ve been practicing for 20 years now and I’ve seen a tremendous change in cataract surgery.  From smaller wounds that provide faster recovery and more predictable results to better medications to prevent infection and control inflammation, to improved implants, even bifocal implants, cataract surgery has really evolved.

My colleague Dr. Nate posted a link to this article on his blog and I though that it was worth sharing.


The article is worth a few minutes to read, especially if you or a loved one or friend is considering cataract surgery.  While not every new advance provides better results, I keep up to date on them so that when I discuss cataract surgery with my patients we can cover all of the bases.

Dr. Warren
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