RevolutionPHR – Interactive Patient Interview

Just a reminder that you will be signing into our “Patient Portal” when you have your next visit, at least for most of our patients.  There are some appointment types that we’re not using the Patient Portal for yet.

Why do we do this you may ask?  For several reasons, the primary one being better patient care.   By having your sign in for your encounter you are able to review data that we have about your current and past ocular health, update us on any changes or new symptoms/issues and also provide us with information about your expectations for your visit too!

You can even sign in before leaving your home or office to come to your appointment.  To do so, you just need to point your favorite internet browser to and log into your personal health record.  In order to log in, you will just need your log in credentials; your user name and password.  You can call the office at 262-752-2020 to request them or email us at, its up to you.

Once you login, you will see a screen like the one below (you can click on the images below to see a larger version).  Just click on the “Take Interview” button and you will answer a short series of questions about your eyes, general health, symptoms/problems and expectations for your visit.

Main Page


Clicking on the Appointments Link will take you to the Appointments Page.  On this page you can confirm your appointment (if you haven’t already done so via email or text) and you can click on the “Take Interview” button to start the interview process.  You can also review a summary of any past visits.

Appointments Page


I’ll be talking about the other functions of our “Patient Portal” in future blog posts and my eNewsletters!

Dr. Warren

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Trunk Show, 8/23/2012

Back By Popular Demand…

Due to popular demand, we’re having another “trunk show”.
As I mentioned in the last eNewsletter, we are having a trunk show next Thursday, August 23rd.  We will have our Coach, Ray Ban and Brooks Brothers rep in the office with their entire inventory for you to try on and check out.   This includes their entire line of sunglasses too!

During the trunk show, all Coach frames will be 30% off our normal price, and all Rx lenses will be 30% off too!  All other complete pairs from the rest of our inventory will be 20% off as well.

These prices are only good for purchases made between 3:00 pm and 7:00 pm on 8/23/2012.

If you need an exam, I will be available on a limited basis that day.  Call now to set up an appointment during the trunk show.   If you need an exam but can’t get one scheduled before or during the trunk show, you can start your eyeglass order and we’ll process the order when you’ve had your exam.  However, you do have to pay for your glasses in full on the 23rd.

I will also be demonstrating all of our newest technology during the trunk show so if you want to see what I’ve been talking/writing about, stop by to check us out!  I love to “show off” all of our exciting technology, even if its not technology that is germane to your individual eye care.

And as if that’s not enough, I will be offering “Contact Lens Test Drives” for patients who would like to experience contact lenses but have never quite “taken the plunge”.

Dr. Warren