New Patient Intake Interview

We’ve been granting our patients access to their personal health record (PHR for short) for months now.  We just recently rolled out new features which now allow our patients to perform their Intake Interview even before coming into the office.  Patients of ours who have been receiving our eNewsletters have received some information about logging into their PHR.

This requires a couple of steps to insure proper handling of sensitive health care information.  Patients who want to access their PHR and/or complete their intake interview can go to   In order to log in, you will need your user name and password.  Just call the office at (262) 752-2020 or email us at to request your credentials.  Include the phone number that you want us to call you at with the credentials in your email.

You will be given your log in name as well as a temporary password so that you can log into your PHR.  After that it will take you just a couple of minutes to complete your intake interview and you can always review your information.  If you aren’t able to complete your intake interview before coming to the office, you will be able to do so once you arrive, either on one of our office iPads or a computer in the office.  Emily will help you logging in for the first time while you’re in the office.

It will take a few weeks for this to all become “second nature” for our staff and patients, but having had patients log in upon arrival at the office for several years in the past, I know that patients will appreciate this new level of service.

Dr. Warren

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