New Technology Headed To The Office

I’ve been looking into upgrading my retinal imaging capabilities and have decided on a new/cutting edge technology.  Just approved by the FDA yesterday (but years in development) this new Auto Focus Retinal Camera will allow us to capture better quality images of the back portion of the eye in significantly less time, improving not only the quality of care that I provide, but staying with our desire to be efficient in the office.

The AFC-330 is not only easy for us to operate, it is very easy on patients too!  Look for more information about this exciting new technology in the next few weeks.



Dr. Warren

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A Reminder About Why We Have Memorial Day….

A close friend of mine (thanks Chris!) shared these images with me.  My family and I have an annual party during Memorial Day weekend, which I’m afraid may have my children thinking is the reason for the weekend.  I can guarantee you that after I share these with them, they will understand the real reason for Memorial Day.

Eternal Thanks to those who have served our country……

Dr. Warren

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Happy Birthday James!

Its hard to believe that its been 14 years since my oldest son was born.  Its been so much fun to watch him grow up to be such a fine young man.  Time sure does fly!

Happy Birthday James, we’re very proud of you!

Mom and Dad