A Great Experience

My friend Amanda Paffrath does some incredible things, both with beading and blown glass.  I’ve linked to a great piece in the Caledonia Patch about workshops that she offers at her glass studio, “Hot Shop Glass”.  My wife and I have done one of these workshops and not only had a great time, we also have a great paper weight and ornament to show for our efforts.

If you enjoy being just a bit “artsy” or “crafty”, check out one of the workshops.  Here’s a link to the article in the Caledonia Patch.




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Allergy Season Takes A Few Days Off…..

After a strong start with the tree pollen counts being really high, the allergy season seems to have taken a bit of a break. These cold temps and damp weather aren’t getting many of the grasses going, yet. But look out for mold to be an issue if it stays cold and damp for very long.

I’ve seen less patients with allergies the last week or so, but I’m pretty sure things will bounce back in late June once things warm up a bit. If you’re an ocular allergy sufferer, remember:
Cool compresses, ocular lubricants and OTC meds such as Zyrtec can help quite a bit. If you’re still suffering though, come on in and I’ll fix you right up!

Dr. Warren