The iPad And Healthcare

I’ve long been an “early adopter” when it came to adding technology to my practice.  From diagnostic devices to practice management software and 10 years ago Electronic Health Records.  I have to admit to being one of the people who purchased the iPad ahead of its release so that it arrived on its release date.

I’ve found many ways to use the iPad in my personal and professional life, and most recently for patient care.  I’ve started using the iPad to show patients diagnostic images and reports.  This has provided a few advantages, the first is that we’re not using nearly as much paper as we had in the past, the second is that the display is not only clearer on the iPad than the printed reports, but its more adaptable.

I’m able to zoom in on important findings as well as show that information to the patient in the exam room.  I can also email the report and information to the patient if they would like to have a copy.   So, to date, the iPad has been a big hit with both myself and my patients.

Dr. Warren

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