The Other Side OF The Coin……

My mother has had some health issues which have landed her in the hospital the last few days.  Mom’s doing pretty well, and I’m not writing here about her condition.  I just wanted to talk a bit about what I’ve been reminded of as I’ve dealt with her health care issues and getting information and education from her doctors.

One of the hospitalists that is caring for my mother is not only a good diagnostician, he’s a good communicator.  When he and I talk about what’s going on, or not going on, he’s great at explaining the situation, what any changes mean and what we may or may not need to do about them.

I think that I do a pretty good job of doing the same with my patients, but this week has been a reminder to always think about the issue that my patients and I are dealing with from the patient and the patient’s family’s perspective.  This point was driven home to me by one of the other hospitalists caring for my mother.  I’m sure that he’s a very compitent doctor, he had a difficult time communicating with me, even though I know enough to be dangerous.  While I’m sure that he was busy with other patients, I didn’t get the feeling that he felt the need to bring me up to speed on the situation since there weren’t really any decisions to make at the time.

So, besides a rambling blog post, I wanted to reiterate my commitment to open and complete communication with my patients.  If you ever feel that you need more information or that I’ve not explained things clearly enough, let me know and I’ll spend all the time necessary to do so.

Dr. Warren

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