SnowMageddon-Watering Eyes

wpid-snowmageddon2-2011-02-1-13-541.jpgMaybe I’m just a cranky old guy now that I’m in my mid 40’s, but it sure seems like we’re becoming a society of wimps. Granted, we may get a ton of snow tomorrow and not be able to get out of our driveways, but the number of Wednesday closings posted as of 2:00pm on Tuesday is staggering. What happened to dealing with the problem if and when it happens? If we get 3” of snow and moderate winds, will we really need to have so many businesses closed? I can understand closing the schools so that families can plan in advance to some degree.




wpid-getty_rm_photo_of_watering_eye-2011-02-1-13-54.jpgWith that being said, I also wanted to answer a question I get from many patients this time of year. “Why do my eyes water so much when I’m outdoors in the winter?” The answer’s two fold, the first is that the colder dryer atmosphere sets our eyes up to water a bit more due to dryness, the second is that the cold wind is quite irritating to our eyes, causing them to water in response to the irritation. Watering eyes when out in the cold, especially when its windy is normal and not typically a sign of any other eye problems.

Dr. Warren

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