After Hours Emergency Care

I try to remind all of my patients that I’m available 24/7 for them in the event of an ocular emergency, but it seem that every month or so I end up seeing a patient on Monday to clean up the mess after they’ve been to one of the local urgent care centers for their ocular emergency.  While the doctors and staff at these centers are very well intentioned and well trained, they are poorly equipped to evaluate the vast majority of ocular emergencies.  Often times resulting in delayed resolution of the problem.


If you, a friend or family member have an ocular emergency, please don’t hesitate to call the office at any time.  Our voicemail system gives out the appropriate contact information for the doctor on call (99% of the time, me) and we’ll either call in an Rx or see you in the office to accurately diagnose and treat your emergency.  We do charge a fee for after hours care, but even with this fee (which may or may not be covered by your insurance) you’re going to end up getting taken care of quicker and for less.

Please don’t hesitate to “bother me”, its what I’m here for!

Dr. Warren

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