Dry Eye, With Or Without Contact Lenses

Over the last two decades that I’ve been involved in eye care, I’ve seen many advances in the treatment of Dry Eye as well as Contact Lens material advances.  While there’s no “best solution” for every patient, there are many different ways to reduce the symptoms of Dry Eye, for contact lens wearers and others who suffer from Dry Eye without contact lens wear.

To me, the three biggest improvements in Dry Eye Treatment for my non contact lens patients have been; Restasis, Punctal Plugs and improved Artificial Tears.

  • Restasis is an Rx medication which improves the quantity and the quality of the tears that the eye produces.   This results in not only more tears on the surface of the eye, but less inflammatory cells in the tears, both desirable conditions.
  • Punctal Plugs slow down the rate that the tears are removed from the ocular surface, increasing the “life span” of the tears on the eye.  Used with Restasis or alone, Punctal Plugs can greatly reduce the symptoms of Dry Eye when the root of the problem is an inadequate volume of tears on the eye.
  • Artificial tears not only improve the volume of tears on the eye, they also greatly improve the quality of the tears.  Buffering them chemically to improve ocular comfort and creating a more stable tear film surface which slows down tear evaporation.

Contact lenses such as the Acuvu Oasys which incorporate an ocular wetting agent right into the lens itself as well as improve contact lens solutions such as BioTrue by Bausch and Lomb help slow down the drying of the ocular surface as well as keeping the tear film more stable on the surface of the contact lens.  Both of which improve contact lens comfort for my patients.

I’ve learned that every patient is their own “riddle” and that not every patient will benefit from the same treatment, lenses and lens care products.  I keep an open mind to new products, therapies and combinations of both to achieve maximum ocular comfort for my patients.

If you’d like to learn more about these topics, be sure to bring them up at your next appointment or request and online consult with me.

Happy Holidays to you and your family!

Dr. Warren


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