Social Media-How Do You Use It?

wpid-imgres-2010-11-10-11-14.jpegI spent a great weekend in the Florida Keys with several optometrist friends, one of whom is a “heavy hitter” in eye care and social media. I learned a lot from him (Justin Bazan, OD) and we’re working to implement some of his ideas into my practice. Some of them don’t scale well here in SE Wisconsin, simply due to population density. There aren’t enough of us using social media and online tools to locate businesses and stay in touch with them.


Look for us to increase our FaceBook activities, our Yelp offerings (more specials and promotions for Yelpers) and keep on blogging and Tweeting away. All of this made me wonder how my blog readers and patients use social media. I’m going to post a brief survey in an upcoming blog and eNewsletter to learn if there are better ways for us to stay in touch with you, look for that soon!


Until then……

Dr. Warren

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3 thoughts on “Social Media-How Do You Use It?

  1. I use it primarily to nag you. 😛 🙂 Someday, I’m gonna snatch a duchy from you!

    I know you use Yelp a lot but have you looked into SCVNGR? Its another social check-in site like Yelp with real world rewards, they say in over 12,000 places. There are a number of ways to rack up points and some places, after you reach a certain number of points, will give you discounts or freebies, stuff like that. For Android and iPhone, with some basic SMS support for treks, and its integrated with Facebook Places. I haven’t found anywhere local that offers rewards yet but just started using it and I don’t get out much. 🙂

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