Halloween Safety


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How fondly I remember making my own Halloween costumes, usually with some sort of mask or helmet.  The Star Wars Storm Trooper mask was one of my coolest projects that turned out less than great.  Not only was the mask horribly uncomfortable to wear, I couldn’t see much when I had it on.  That didn’t keep me from wearing it for 2-3 hours while Trick-or-Treating that year though.  Its a miracle that I didn’t run out into traffic, living on a cul-du-sac didn’t hurt that I suppose!

I’m writing this to remind you to be sure that your children can see well out of any masks or costume parts that they wear this year.  And to remind you to insure that they have some form of reflective tape, stitching or design on their costumes.   Especially if the costume is the traditionally popular black.


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