School Screening Season

wpid-afp20070201p361-f1-2010-10-21-10-12.jpgI’m starting to see more and more children in the office who have had problems during a school vision screening. These screenings are a very important step in insuring that your children are seeing adequately in school. They are no substitute for regular eye exams however. Even the best designed and run school screening will miss 7% or more of the children who have a vision problem, some studies found that up to 33% of the children with significant vision problems may pass even well designed and run vision screenings.

I am sharing this information to remind parents that a vision screening at school or your child’s doctor’s office is no substitute for a professional eye examination. Screenings will “catch” children who have significant refractive errors, but will often miss children with significant yet smaller defocus issues. To be sure that you children and those of your loved ones are seeing as well as they can this year in school, be sure to have them get their eyes examined, in addition to any screening that may or may happen.

Here is a link to a great collection of professional journal articles about vision screenings and their benefits and limitations.

Dr. Warren

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