“At Last” Multifocal Eyeglass Lenses

There is a new type of multifocal lens out, and it shows some real promise.  We don’t have many patients who are unsuccessful wearing progressive multifocal lenses, but there are a few, and some patients need a bifocal due to work considerations.  Pixel Optics has recently released the “At Last” bifocal lens.  It is unique in that while it has a definite line in the lens (which is not visible to people looking at the wearer, its only visible to the person wearing the lens) unlike traditional lined bifocals, in the bifocal zone, the reading power changes gradually from top to bottom.  This gives the wearer a larger and more defined distance and near zones but does create some “image jump” when moving your gaze from the distance to the near portion of the lens.


This lens design provides immediate near power below the bifocal line and a bit more reading power at the bottom of the bifocal area.  Here is a link to the manufacturer’s website for more information about how these lenses work.  I’ve been wearing a pair around the office for about a week, and while it took me a few hours to get used to the line in the lens, I really like them around the office.

If you’ve been wearing lined bifocals or trifocals, these lenses will provide you with a wider range of powers for intermediate and near vision.  Stop by the office to learn more about these exciting new lenses.

Dr. Warren


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