New Frames In The Office

Nina placed an order with Dolce and Gabbana a few weeks ago and the frames are in the office.  Stop on by and check them out, they’re looking great.

We have styles for both men and women.  As a special offer to our blog readers, print off and bring this blog post into the office on or before 10/01/2010 and receive 15% off any complete pair of Dolce and Gabbana eye wear.

Dr. Warren

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New Contact Lenses….

Bausch and Lomb has provided our office with a “pre-release” fitting set of the PureVision2 HD contact lenses.  These lenses feature:

  • A new and improved material
  • An improved wetting agent for more comfortable lens wear, all day/every day
  • Improved aspheric optics for even better vision in all lighting conditions

As a “pre-release” practice, we are offering our current soft contact lens patients a chance to take a “test drive” in the PureVision2 HD lenses, at no charge.  These lenses are currently only in “minus (-)” powers for nearsightedness and they do not yet correct astigmatism or come in a bifocal design.  Look for more lens powers and designs in this material soon though.

If you would like to try out these new lenses, just drop us a line at or call at (262) 752-2020 and the staff will get a pair of trial lenses ready for you.  I’ll want to see you for a quick contact lens check (at no charge) to evaluate the fit of the lenses and your impression of them within the next 10-14 days.  We will be offering this no charge evaluation for the next two weeks.

If you aren’t currently a contact lens wearer, I will of course allow you to experience these lenses.  As part of this short term promotion, we will discount new contact lens wearer fitting fees by $35, whether you end up wearing the PureVision2 HD lenses or some other lens design.  This is a limited time program, it ends on September 23rd, no extensions or exceptions.

Dr. Warren

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Change In The Office

Dr. Nicholson has chosen to pursue a full time position with Pearle Optical in the Oak Creek area.  We have really enjoyed having her with us the past few years, but understand her desire to be in a full time position.  She will certainly be missed!

We wish Dr. Nicholson all the best in this new chapter in her career and will be staying in close contact with our friends the Nicholsons!

Dr. Warren

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Macular Pigment Density Testing


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Macular Degeneration is a disease that can wreak havoc on the vision and quality of life for many patients.  There have been many well designed studies performed to study this disease, its treatment, its causes and its prevention.  One of the best designed and executed studies to date was the Age Related Eye Disease Study (AREDS for short).  This study found that patients who were at increased risk to develop MD could reduce this risk by approximately 25% by taking a nutritional supplement that contained; Vitamins A, E and C and the minerals Zinc and Copper.  These patients could not achieve the same risk reduction by diet alone.  That last sentence is critical.  It means that naturally occurring vitamins and minerals could not equal the protective value of a readily available nutritional supplement.

Other studies looking at the protective properties of nutrients/pigments such as Lutein have found that patients who have a low level of Lutein, Zeaxanthin and Meso-Zeaxanthin in their macula are roughly TWICE as likely to develop MD as patients with average or high levels of these nutrients.  Until recently, it was difficult to recommend specific supplements for these nutrients, because patients with normal and high levels of them in their macula would not benefit from them, it is only the patients with low levels who will benefit from them.

We have technology in the office which measures the level of these three critical pigments in a quick, non-invasive and easy to perform test.  This technology is called the “MacuScope”.  By evaluating patients for the density of these pigments we can detect patients who are at elevated risk for MD and make scientifically guided supplement recommendations.  The hope is to reduce my patients’ risk for MD, before the disease shows up and robs them of vision.

I feel so strongly about this testing and its value to my patients that we include the testing in our comprehensive eye examinations at no additional charge.