The Health Care Law – Dissected

A friend and colleague of mine belongs to a group that is concerned about where we are and where we are headed as a country with regards to health care legislation.  Below, I’ve copied a piece that he’s circulating.  Its a fascinating read and lays out the last 100 years of American political “progress” with regards to health care legislation as well as gets into the real numbers behind the issue.

Thanks to Peter Wilcox, OD for sharing this:

The Health Care Law – Dissected

(Prognostications From a Political Junkie)

Timothy P. Farrell, M.D., F.A.C.R.

Thanks for taking the time to follow the link and read the piece.

Dr. Warren

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One thought on “The Health Care Law – Dissected

  1. Thank you for passing on Dr. Farrell’s very informative explanation of the new Helathcare law. I got more of an understanding from this than anything I have read to date. Personally I don’t mind that it was admittedly dissected from a conservative stance as I share the same views. It is rather ironic that this great nation was fought for, then founded on, the desire to gain freedom from being “subjects” of the British throne and now we have become “subjects” of our very own government. No wonder the Tea Party of today has gained such momentum!

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