The American Political Process

Hopefully everyone reading this has exercised their right to vote in the primary elections this fall and is planning on voting in the general election in November.  Its easy to take our right to vote for granted, but please remember all who have sacrificed over the last 250 years to grant and keep that right for us.

Our country is at a crossroads with regards to where our government goes in the next few years and its important that we each make our voting decisions based on unfiltered information vs sound bites on the 10 o’clock news.  Take a few minutes each week to read the actual words from candidates and review their past voting records to determine which candidates are not distorting their past and future goals and ambitions for our state and out country.  Also take the time to get news from more than one source and try to objectively evaluate any bias each source may have.

This is an exciting election cycle, be sure to be an educated part of it!

Dr. Warren

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