VSP vs Aspex-An Update

Well, we stand between two companies doing battle in court and the boardroom. As of August 1st, patients with vision care benefits through Vision Service Plan (VSP) will no longer be allowed to purchase frames from Aspex and be covered “in network”. They will be able to receive “out of network” benefits (a much lower level of coverage in almost every case).

This all boils down to legal issues between Aspex and one of VSP’s subsidaries, Marchon. As far as I can tell, the issue is over intellectual property related to the design of magnetic clip on sunglasses. So while these two companies battle in court, VSP is trying to pressure Aspex to drop their law suite by using the fact that they provide coverage to so many people in America, attempting to throttle Aspex’s distribution channels.

Here are the communications that we have received from each company:

Letter From Aspex

Letter From VSP

We are meeting with our Aspex sales representatives to find out what their plans are to deal with this issue, and I have been in contact with one of the managers in VSP’s “Provider Relations” department over this issue. We’re hoping that this issue is settled before the August 1st date, but we are also looking at all alternatives. It is unfortunate to see VSP use its enrollees and providers in this manner, but we are doing all that we can to minimize the impact on you, our patients.

Dr. Warren


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One thought on “VSP vs Aspex-An Update

  1. Interesting information. I have VSP as my eye care insurer, and bought a pair of Aspex frames today. Had to pay full price and was told I would recieve a check in the mail for the amount that they would have covered. I have had the aspex clip ons before and really like the frames. Would be a shame if I couldn’t get them again. I had to call VSP from my doctors office to get everything taken care of. I thought it was alittle starnge but this clears things up. Thanks for the information.

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