Soflens Daily Disposable Lenses

Bausch and Lomb has had a string of successful products, and the recently released Daily Disposable lens is one of them. We’re finding more and more patients appreciating the great vision and comfortable lens that these “wear them once and throw them away” lenses provide. They have cutting edge aspheric optics that have been so successful in the PureVision lenses as well as a wetting agent that makes them one of the most comfortable lenses that we prescribe.

To promote these lenses to our patients, we have been able to get special pricing on the lenses which allows our patients to purchase these lenses at the prices that they would normally pay after rebates. The net price is the same, but there are no rebates to deal with. This promotion also locks in the same low net pricing for next year. If you would like to learn more about these lenses or find out if you could benefit from all of the advantages of these lenses, give us a call at 262-7752-2020 to set up an appointment or request an online consultation with Dr. Warren via this link:

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