New Eyeglass Cleaner

You never quite know what the mail will bring……

A few weeks ago, Nina received a sample of a “new and improved” type of eyeglass cleaning spray. I have quotes around new and improved, because we all know how those type of quotes don’t always pan out. Well, this was one of those rare exceptions! After using the sample for a week on dozens of pairs of glasses (and mine too), we were sold.

We’re now stocking 8oz, bottles of “Purity” eyeglass cleaner and will soon have switched over to the same cleaner in the small bottles that we provide with every new set of lenses. Stop by the office if you want to check out this great new cleaner. Its 99.9% streak free and works great on all lenses, but really stands out on Anti-Glare coated lenses.

Dr. Warren

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