Glaucoma Detection/Diagnosis And Monitoring

Glaucoma is one of the more interesting diseases that we deal with as eye doctors.  This is because of the structures that the disease attacks, the nature in which they are impacted by the disease and the impact that the disease has on our patients’ visual functioning.

Structures in the front and back portions of the eye are involved in Glaucoma.  From the cornea to the iris and lens and what is called the “anterior chamber angle” in the front of the eye to the retinal ganglion cells and optic nerve in the back of the eye, many different things have to be evaluated when we are examining our patients who have Glaucoma or who are suspected of having Glaucoma.  Careful and repeated evaluation of these structures need to be performed if we are to diagnose Glaucoma in its earliest stages, which is desirable as we can then take steps to prevent permanent vision loss.  Because the tissues that were are studying are very detailed and fine, deciding if a change has truly occurred can be difficult.  Multiple measurements are often required to determine if a patient truly has Glaucoma or not.

We also measure the function of the optic nerve and the visual system when evaluating both patients suspected of having Glaucoma and actual Glaucoma patients.  The tests that we use to do this are subjective in nature, meaning that the patient is actively involved in the creation and capture of the data.  This introduces a fairly involved and complicated factor, determining if a change in the patients visual function is due to progression of the disease or due to variations in the testing such as patient inattention, distraction, fatigue or a whole host of other potential issues.  For this reason, multiple assessments of the patient’s visual function (via a Visual Field test) are required to confirm the presence of Glaucoma or the progression of the disease.

Current research is pointing out a need for more frequent visual field testing in order to determine the presence of the disease or the progression of the disease.  Fortunately, in the vast majority of patients, Glaucoma is not a fast progressing disease.  This means that we have time to repeat our testing to insure that any diagnoses we make or changes to treatment plans are due to actual disease or progression of disease.

Dr. Warren

It’s Official-VSP Has Put Their Frame Company’s Interests First

As mentioned a bit ago here on my blog Vision Service Plan will no longer allow patients to receive in-network benefits for Aspex Eyewear products. While this is just one manufacturer, they are the single best provider of frames with polarized sun-clips. Their products have been very popular with our patients as they provide a great product at a very nice price point.

Unfortunately, VSP is trying to punish Aspex by not allowing their members to have access to Aspex products (and they have over 55 million members who receive vision care benefits through VSP, that’s a lot of patients to lose access to if your Aspex).

Here’s a link to the news story that makes this official. Look for more information coming to you if you are one of our patients and you have VSP as your vision benefits company.

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New Eyeglass Cleaner

You never quite know what the mail will bring……

A few weeks ago, Nina received a sample of a “new and improved” type of eyeglass cleaning spray. I have quotes around new and improved, because we all know how those type of quotes don’t always pan out. Well, this was one of those rare exceptions! After using the sample for a week on dozens of pairs of glasses (and mine too), we were sold.

We’re now stocking 8oz, bottles of “Purity” eyeglass cleaner and will soon have switched over to the same cleaner in the small bottles that we provide with every new set of lenses. Stop by the office if you want to check out this great new cleaner. Its 99.9% streak free and works great on all lenses, but really stands out on Anti-Glare coated lenses.

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Tour de Cure Time Again….

Tour de Cure
It’s Tour de Cure time again. For the last decade I’ve been riding in a great Diabetes fund raising ride. Well, I’m doing so again. June 19th is the date for the ride this year. I’m flying home from the American Optometric Association meeting in Orlando a day early to insure that I make the ride!

I’m hoping that my patients will once again make me write a big check out to the American Diabetes Association. I will match dollar for dollar every patient donation to the ride. Over the last few years I’ve donated over $3,000 matching my generous patients’ donations.

You can sponsor me by following this link: Sponsor Dr. Warren

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