Contact Lens Test Drive Event

Our fall “Contact Lens Test Drive Event” was such a great success and we’ve had so many patients ask about it, we’re going to have another one.  The spring event will be on May 20th from 4:00-6:45 pm.  Attendees will be able to experience lens wear and find out what its like to see well without their glasses.

This event is open to our current and future patients.  We will allow you to experience contact lens wear and discuss your options afterwards.  This includes all modes of soft lens wear, single vision and bifocal lenses as well as toric lenses to correct astigmatism.

We will welcome walk in’s but to insure priority access to your “Test Drive” RSVP via this link with your preferred time, anywhere from 4:00 to 6:15 (to allow you some time to experience the lenses before the event is over).  Please feel free to pass this information along to your friends and family, whether they are currently our patients or not.

Dr. Warren

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Tremendous Contact Lens Promotion

Bausch and Lomb has a “Buy 2, Get 2” promotion going on right now.   This means that patients who order a year’s supply of any of the PureVision lenses (Single Vision, Toric or Multifocal) will only end up paying for a half year’s supply.  Cutting the cost of your lenses by 50%!

Call the office at (262) 752-2020 to learn more about PureVision lenses and whether you would qualify for this promotion.

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Online Consultations and Seminars

In an effort to stay connected to our patients as well as provide information to you in an easy and convenient fashion, we are offering a new way to communicate. We’ve always actively embraced technology and this it just one more step in that direction.

Dr. Warren is now providing online consultations for patients interested in specialty contact lenses as well as Vision Shaping Treatment. This is just a first step in the program however. Starting in May, he will also be delivering online seminars on common eye care and eye health topics. Topics such as Cataracts and Cataract Surgery, Macular Degeneration, Diabetic Eye Disease, Children’s vision etc will be covered.

Look for more information on the seminars soon, but if you would like to have a personal one on one consultation with Dr. Warren, just send him an email at to set one up. We will be adding a direct link to this service on the office website soon.

These consultations are available for current and future patients so feel free to pass the information along.

Dr. Warren

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Vision Service Plan (VSP) and Frame Companies Fighting – VSP Can Be The Only Winner

VSP has a very large number of individuals enrolled in their vision care plans, and has many eye care providers on their panel. Until the last year or so, VSP concentrated its efforts on the business of delivering eye care to its enrollees. Just a little over a year ago, VSP purchased a major frame manufacturer, Marchon. Putting VSP not only in the vision care business, but also in the eyeglass frame business.

As of late, VSP is having trouble keeping the two separate. A very successful frame manufacturer/distributor, Aspex, has had some issues with VSP, which are not related to product quality or support as far as I can tell. For reasons that have not been spelled out by VSP to providers or enrollees, as of June 1st, 2010, patients will not be able to use their benefits for Aspex frames. Even though we have been providing these high quality frames to our patients for quite some time, we are now in a difficult position. Stop selling Aspex frames (its not really advantageous for us to use a frame line that we can’t supply to our VSP patients given the cost of keeping the inventory available and supporting the product), tell our VSP patients “too bad, you will have to choose something else, even if you just want to reorder your frame” or some other option which we are trying to come up with.

You can rest assured that we are taking the side of our patients, not VSP on this matter. I hope that we don’t end up dropping Aspex frames over this, but it may come down to that. All because VSP wants to control a competitor’s access to patients and business. It would be in everyone’s interest if VSP would remain a vision care benefits company and not try to advance their frame business at the expense of their patients and providers.

A resounding Boooo to VSP from our office.

Dr. Warren

iPad Among Us

While I didn’t get my iPad the day they went on sale, it wasn’t too long before mine arrived. I’ve been accused of being an Apple “Fan Boy” in the past, but I had several reasons for getting the iPad, other than just wanting the newest gadget.

My software company has had many people ask us about using our product on the iPad and I am looking for better ways to share information with patients.

The iPad sure doesn’t disappoint. It’s great to work on and incredible for web surfing, emailing and many other tasks…… While not perfect, for a first generation product, its very solid and well executed. Much more than a big iPhone or iPod touch, it allows you to actually create and consume content, including this blog entry.

Look for more information and probably use of the iPad in at the office soon!

Dr. Warren

April Fools!!!

Back To Work……

With the month of March and Spring Break ending, here’s one last “Save Your Vision Month blog post.  With warmer spring temps, the allergy season will soon be on is in full force.  In fact for sole patients of ours it has already started.

Below is an exerpt of an email about allergies along with a link to some online resources.  As always, don’t suffer from ocular allergies needlessly, there are many Rx and over the counter treatments for allergies.  Knowing which ones are right for each patient is our specialty.  Call us for an appointment at 752-2020 or request one by following this link.

Now for that exerpt I promised:

While eye allergy symptoms are a year-round problem for many, about 67 percent of allergy sufferers say that Spring is the time of year when eye allergy symptoms are worst, according to a recent survey conducted by the Asthma & Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA). For respondents who wear contact lenses, Spring is particularly frustrating as nearly half (45%) say that their eye-related allergy problems often prevent them from wearing their contacts, and one in ten (12%) admits to having to stop wearing their contacts because of allergies.
To help allergy sufferers better understand and manage their condition, AAFA offers a free educational brochure titled Eye Health and Allergies. The brochure, which also includes smart allergy season strategies for contact lens wearers, can be viewed or downloaded at

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