Government Takeover Of Healthcare

The details of how the House of Representative’s actions last night won’t be known for a long time (I can guarantee you that no one who voted “yes” last night knows them for sure. However, I am very concerned on several levels.

Personally, my HSA is going to go away in three years. Our premium for 4 healthy people is now $760 per month, for a $5,000 annual deductible. That premium and potentially the deductible will go up for sure.

I know that my cost of doing business will go up due to increased health care premiums for my employees. Do I pass that along to the employees or do I pay it from my personal funds (the money left after I pay all of my expenses)?

I know that payments for medical services will go down. There’s no way that insurance plans will be able to operate under the current legislation without cutting doctor’s payments. Medicare will more than likely be cutting physician payments significantly, a 21% cut is pending already.

So, higher personal expenses, higher business expenses and reduced income. Not a good equation for any health care providers.

I can assure you that its not getting any less expensive to provide the care that my patients have come to enjoy and expect. I will not cut corners on the quality of care and patient experience that I provide. This will mean some hard decisions in the months and years to come.

The details are still to be learned, but I am sure that we as Americans are worse off today than we were before 9:47pm Central time last night…..

Dr. Warren

12 thoughts on “Government Takeover Of Healthcare

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  2. I understand this concern, but we also have to take into account that the most industrialized, most powerful nation in the world has over 35 million of its own tax-paying citizens, working adults and children alike that can’t go to the dentist or even get a routine checkup because they have no insurance.

    What are they suppose to do?

    • How about pass good legislation that can stand on it’s own merit and pass without slippery procedures that have never been used for such dar reaching and expansive legislation?

      Taking on real issues in small bites provides a mechanism with far fewer unintended consequences. This bill is full of issues and items that will stifle the economy as never before.

      Passing legislation in a rush is rarely done well. And certainly was not this time. Such huge legislation hammered out behind closed doors (whatever hapened to the CSPAN coverage of the process that was promised on the campaign trail by Obama?) and without adequate time for public discovery and comment will haunt us for my lifetime, and my young children too.

      There is no new “healthcare crisis”, there have been millions of ininsured (many, but not all by choice) for years. The rush was created out if convenience to push legislation through, period.


  3. Well if i’m not mistaken, this health care issue has been in the news well over a year, federal government doesn’t race to do anything, and the health care issue definitely was not rushed through. Health care has been at the forefront since the presidential election 2 years ago.

    But none of this actually answers my original question, what are the current over 35 million uninsured supposed to do, pray and hope for the best?

    Asking uninsured to “pass good legislation” does nothing when they need to see a doctor right now.

    What legislation have republicans proposed to cover the uninsured? I have yet to hear an answer from anyone on either of those questions.

    • The issue yes. This piece of legislation, no.

      My blog entry was about the takeover of healthcare by the government, as was my reply.

      I think that we di need to find a way to insure access to healthcare for the ininsured. Myself and others in the community do just that on our own and via groups such as Health Care Network. But we need to do better and we can. The recently forced through legislation will make healthcare worse, not better. Medicare and Medicaid are already under funded and the money for this new debacle will have to come from somewhere. Squeezing providers more will obviously be one approach (which has it’s own dangers) but the bulk will be from new taxes. Which will stifle the economy and slow down the recovery which is going to be needed to fund more healthcare Programs.

      You can’t have both. We are close to having more people sucking off the government than we do funding our government. What do we do about that?

      Read ideas from Paul Ryan in why the GOP suggests but wasn’t allowed to interject.

      From my iPhone on vacation

  4. appreciate your discussion, i think civility has been thrown out the window on this issue amongst other people, but it’s good to actually have a conversation instead of name-calling, hate-filled rhetoric like most have exhibited.

    These types of large-scale nationwide reforms have historically always been difficult in implementation, legislation as well as public opinion. The struggle over women’s right to vote, civil rights movement, and even the abolishment of slavery were all met with staunch opposition. A civil war was started on the latter issue because of this staunch opposition. But it was the right thing to do.

    Same situation in this case, its the right thing to do. Easy, no, but our citizens deserve for our own nation to try. I’ll also add that the current bill has over 200 amendments from republicans and the insurance exchange that will be implemented is a republican idea/concept. So the notion that Republicans had nothing to do with this current version of the bill is a common myth.

    One last question, shouldn’t you be enjoying your vacation instead writing on your blog?

  5. ?????? So it’s the right thing to do…… but we are going to bankrupt the entire country in the process…… yep sounds like a great thing to do. As far as the people go that don’t have healthcare……. why not do what 99% of the rest of us have done……. get a job….. get health insurance. If you don’t have a job and can not afford healthcare there are already a multiple government plans to take advantage of that are already bankrupting the state and federal government. If they don’t have money for regular check-ups/ dental care ect…… how about doing what you do when you purchase a car or TV or a gallon of milk…… PAY FOR IT!!!!! Why should I have to pay for it???? Wake up the government is spending money faster than they can print it…… when is the last time the government has done anything AND I MEAN ANYTHING on or below budget/efficiently and had good quality……. anything in the last 200 years????? Dan

  6. dan, was there a concern about bankrupting our country when we blindly went to war with 2 countries at the same time? The public had absolutely ZERO input on the costs of being in 2 wars, fighting 2 wars simultaneously and the costs associated with those were of no concern.

    I find it funny how that Republicans are fiscally conservative when they feel like being fiscally conservative. We’re still spending millions per month to make the lives of other people in other countries better. We’d gladly pay for some kid in Iraq to receive medical attention on our dime, we’d gladly pay for boxes of medical supplies, emergency equipment and cargo jets filled with
    US doctors to earthquake victims in Haiti, but when it comes to helping our own citizens in our own country, we ask questions like “why do i have to pay for it?”. Why is that? Are other nations’ kids more important than our own? I think its about time to starting investing in our own country and our own citizens and investing in our own future.

    I’m not sure if you’ve looked around but their is a high rate of unemployment nationwide. Racine has over 12% itself. The hardest hit by unemployment and rising health care costs are the freshly minted college grads, workers under 30 and young families with small kids. Hyper competitiveness for few jobs leads to alot of folks out of work, not eligible of unemployment insurance, and subsequently no health care. I’m one of these college grads

  7. If you like Obama then you should have like Bush also. Obama is quadrupling our debt!!!!!!! I was not in favor of the stimulus bill or Tarp or any of the bailouts….. and most of the people were not either….. but did the government listen…….no. I would agree to stop foreign aid this minute…… especially to our enemies. But the bleeding heart liberals would never let that happen. We could “afford” to help the rest of the world in the past……. we just can not do it any longer…. but it will not stop. Just look at the headlines today…… we are softening our stance to Iran ……… hello……. they are developing nuclear weapons as we speak and you and I and the entire world knows it. If you would look back the entire world thought Saddam had weapons of mass destruction and all the war haters can be found on video tape saying so. As far as the wars go we can argue that on 50 different fronts…… my question is why has Obama kept most of Bush’s people in place…… why are we still there…… why are we in afganistan……. why hasn’t Gitmo been closed…… the answer is when people with their “heads in the sky” finally get into “the real world” and find out it’s not listening to your political hyperbole and there really are people out there that will kill you and in a second.
    Your right…… Unemployment is high…… lots of people are out of work………….. why……. could it be that the people that hire people have had their business go down…. the government raise taxes…… the banks quit loaning money to people that want to start business….. Employers don’t know if they can make a profit……. don’t know what will happen with healthcare…..the economy is still in shambles and you wonder why they are not hiring…….. you think premiums are going down…… just wait a few months premiums are going to go up and go up a lot.

    Just as an example the head of HHS (Shebelius) yesterday was touting that the drug companies are going to make 90 Billion less in profits with the new bill…… hippee yahoo……. well what do you thing is going to happen…..are the drug companies going to hire a bunch of new people……. are they going to but money into R&D for new drugs that in 10 years may save your life…………. the answer my friend in no….. so who is going to do it….. Canada with their “free” healthcare…… France….. Germany…. Japan….. Who has ALWAYS come to the rescue for everyone….. its us in the USA with our dreaded evil free market system. There are dark……very dark days ahead my friend…….. and the wonderful federal government is not the answer. They will continue to tell you they have the answer especially as things get worse and worse, but they don’t. Some one has to pay this massive debt and the only way it can be paid is by increasing taxes because the government makes no money. This country is headed in the wrong direction and it’s going downhill in the wrong direction fast.

  8. The “sky is falling” and the fear and impending doom rhetoric just doesn’t work anymore. Most Americans are intelligent enough to see right through those scare tactics. We’ve all heard that before.

    Innovation and adding value drives business success, those traits are what attract customers, if businesses can’t keep up, they don’t need to be in business, it’s as simple as that.

    Believe me my friend, the drug and insurance companies aren’t going anywhere. They’ll be here and competing in the marketplace no matter what the economy is or isn’t doing, no matter who controls the senate, no matter who is president, no matter who controls the house. They’ve seen everything over the past century, and guess what, their still here, still innovating, still creating new drugs for us to buy, and still acquiring new customers.

    • Look it up today. Social Security will pay out more this year than it takes in! This is years ahead of when that was supposed to happen. Medicare and Medicaid is bankrupt…….. The CBO came out today that forecasts $10 TRILLION to be added to the debt in the next 10 years on top of the 13 or 14 TRILLION we already have……. wake up…… this country is in big big trouble unless something changes fast. And change does not mean “giving” everyone everything they want. It will not be long before our entire gross national product (every single thing made/paid/produced in the country) will be going to pay JUST THE INTEREST on the national debt…….. I wonder what will happen then???? I don’t think anyone…… Dems or repub’s have a clue what to do and unless the people don’t start demanding to decrease spending (not increasing it like what is going on now….. 4 times faster than ever before) we are done…… and look around…… who is going to bail us out????

      The federal government is broke, the state governments are broke, the cities are broke……. who is going to pay for all this????? Someone has to. The rich…… go ahead take every single penny of every person that makes $200,000 or more……. that would last about 3 days to a week……then what.

      The answer and the ONLY one I can think of it to tax tax tax…. tax the rich more tax everyone more and that includes the nearly 50% of people that pay no federal income tax. Or a national sales tax on everything…… it’s coming so be ready.

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