Government Takeover Of Healthcare

The details of how the House of Representative’s actions last night won’t be known for a long time (I can guarantee you that no one who voted “yes” last night knows them for sure. However, I am very concerned on several levels.

Personally, my HSA is going to go away in three years. Our premium for 4 healthy people is now $760 per month, for a $5,000 annual deductible. That premium and potentially the deductible will go up for sure.

I know that my cost of doing business will go up due to increased health care premiums for my employees. Do I pass that along to the employees or do I pay it from my personal funds (the money left after I pay all of my expenses)?

I know that payments for medical services will go down. There’s no way that insurance plans will be able to operate under the current legislation without cutting doctor’s payments. Medicare will more than likely be cutting physician payments significantly, a 21% cut is pending already.

So, higher personal expenses, higher business expenses and reduced income. Not a good equation for any health care providers.

I can assure you that its not getting any less expensive to provide the care that my patients have come to enjoy and expect. I will not cut corners on the quality of care and patient experience that I provide. This will mean some hard decisions in the months and years to come.

The details are still to be learned, but I am sure that we as Americans are worse off today than we were before 9:47pm Central time last night…..

Dr. Warren