Diabetes And The Eye

Diabetes is on the rise, some public health experts even refer to the “Diabetes Epidemic”. One of the first things that physicians tell their newly diagnosed Diabetic patients to do is have their eyes examined. While it is rare to find Diabetic Retinopathy in a newly diagnosed patient, it is critical to set a baseline for their ocular health.

From then on, we can tell if there has been any change in ocular health status or visual functioning. Traditional examination techniques include evaluation of the external and internal eye as well as checking the intraocular pressure. We have been performing Retinal Thickness Analysis on all of our Diabetic patients for over two years now. It is amazing how often we will find subtle yet important areas of retinal thickening (one of the very first stages of Diabetic Eye Disease) with the Retinal Thickness Analyzer when we cannot visualize this change with traditional examination techniques.

If you or a loved one are Diabetic, be sure that you/they are having at least an annual dilated eye examination, and even better yet including Retinal Thickness Analysis in their annual Diabetic Eye Care.

Dr. Warren


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