Children And Vision

There are dozens of great websites about children and vision, I’m going to list just a few at the end of this blog post. However, its important to remember just a few things when thinking about your child’s vision.

  1. Kids don’t know that they see things differently than their peers might. If the leaves on the trees are all blurred into one mass of green, they figure that’s how everyone else sees things. If the words on the page run together when they read, they figure that’s normal.
  2. Because we have two eyes, a vision deficit in one eye can be difficult to detect because the other eye will “cover” for it and allow the child to perform some visual tasks well. Tasks such as hitting a baseball, threading a needle etc can be much more difficult for children who have one eye that performs below normal. The only way to know for sure that your child is seeing normally is a professional eye examination.
  3. Vision Screenings are a great part of overall public health. Children who are nearsighted or have very crossed or misaligned eyes will certainly be found needing further evaluation. However, up to 30% of children who have a significant vision problem will still pass a well designed vision screening. This means that along with regular vision screenings, a complete eye exam still needed on a regular basis also.

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