Macular Degeneration


Macular Degeneration or “MD” for short is a devastating disease that we don’t have very good treatments for. That doesn’t mean that a diagnosis of MD dooms a patient to visual disability, but the best treatment for MD is prevention and delay of onset.

A very large multi-center study called the “Age Related Eye Disease Study” (AREDS for short) looked at the ability of nutritional supplementation to prevent, delay or slow down the progression of MD. AREDS found that patients who were at risk for MD could expect a 25% reduction in the likelihood of developing MD or having their MD progress if they took the supplement used in the study. Patients were not able to achieve this benefit by diet alone, supplementation with the AREDS formula was required.

I have recently written an article on nutritional supplementation for Optometric Management which is a widely read professional magazine. Here’s a link to the article.

Here is a link to the information on our website about Macular Degeneration. There are also support groups/websites for MD patients. Here’s a link to the Macular Degeneration Foundation.

Dr. Warren

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