New Sports Glasses And Sunglasses

With spring not too far away (I’m the eternal optimist), its time to start thinking about kids and sports.  For children who wear glasses, sports can be a special challenge.  While dress glasses may work Ok for some kids in sports, they’re not designed for those type of activities.  Not only will they suffer damage from unintended use, they won’t work as well/stay in place/provide eye protection.

We have just taken delivery of some great frames that can be used for sports, and not just for kids.  These frames come with non-Rx lenses in them but are designed to hold prescription lenses also.  Not only do these frames provide eye protection, the look great and provide very good protection as sunglasses too!

Stop by the office to check them out or visit the manufacturer’s website here.  We’re running a 20% off special the rest of the month of January.


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