Great Blog Entry About Computer Vision Syndrome

Another great blog post by my friend Dr. Nathan Bonilla-Warford. This time about computer vision syndrome.  Here is a brief excerpt:

Are your eyes tired after working on the computer for several hours? Do you get an “afternoon headache” during the week? Do you feel that your vision is blurrier when you drive home from work? Computer use can take its toll on your eyes and vision. Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) affects millions of people around the country, but there are some simple solutions.

Our eyes naturally are most comfortable when looking in the distance. When you look at something at arm’s length or closer – like a computer screen, a cell phone, or a video game – it takes extra effort to move and focus your eyes appropriately. And looking at a computer screen is different than reading a printed page. The letters on the computer screen are not as precise, the level of contrast of the letters is reduced, and glare and reflections on the screen may make viewing difficult.

Read more……


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