New Sports Glasses And Sunglasses

With spring not too far away (I’m the eternal optimist), its time to start thinking about kids and sports.  For children who wear glasses, sports can be a special challenge.  While dress glasses may work Ok for some kids in sports, they’re not designed for those type of activities.  Not only will they suffer damage from unintended use, they won’t work as well/stay in place/provide eye protection.

We have just taken delivery of some great frames that can be used for sports, and not just for kids.  These frames come with non-Rx lenses in them but are designed to hold prescription lenses also.  Not only do these frames provide eye protection, the look great and provide very good protection as sunglasses too!

Stop by the office to check them out or visit the manufacturer’s website here.  We’re running a 20% off special the rest of the month of January.


Now What? Regarding Health Care

With the win by Mr. Brown in Massachusetts today will there be more thought and due process put into the health care reform process? I sure hope so. Our current system needs to be changed, without a doubt.
My family and I feel the effects of the current health care system every month when I make our over $700 premium payment for a plan with a $5,ooo deductible and no pharmacy coverage. I also feel it when my staff processes insurance explanation of benefits (referred to as an EOB) and the payment from the insurance company is at or below the level that I received five or more years ago.

So I’m paying more for my premium (over twice what I was paying five to seven years ago) and the insurance companies are paying less for the care that I provide. It seems that the money is being lost in the middle. Is it any coincidence that insurance colmpanies have spent so much money fighting health care reform?

All sides will probably have to accept change in order to reform the US health care system. The plan brought forward by the Obama administration isn’t a workable solution. If doctors are already refusing to see Medicare patients (One of the Mayo Clinics in the Phoenix area already has), just imaging what will happen if the 21% cut in Medicare payments goes through, as part of health care reform or on its own.

Its sure a mess…..


Great Blog Entry About Computer Vision Syndrome

Another great blog post by my friend Dr. Nathan Bonilla-Warford. This time about computer vision syndrome.  Here is a brief excerpt:

Are your eyes tired after working on the computer for several hours? Do you get an “afternoon headache” during the week? Do you feel that your vision is blurrier when you drive home from work? Computer use can take its toll on your eyes and vision. Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) affects millions of people around the country, but there are some simple solutions.

Our eyes naturally are most comfortable when looking in the distance. When you look at something at arm’s length or closer – like a computer screen, a cell phone, or a video game – it takes extra effort to move and focus your eyes appropriately. And looking at a computer screen is different than reading a printed page. The letters on the computer screen are not as precise, the level of contrast of the letters is reduced, and glare and reflections on the screen may make viewing difficult.

Read more……


Seems Like Old Times…..

I’m waiting for a flight to Indianapolis to depart. then a short drove to Bloomington, where I attended optometry school from 1988-1992. I’ve not been back to Bloomington since the fall of 1992.

I’m looking forward to seeing Bloomington again, as well as the new optometry clinic in Bloomington.

I’ll update this post with some photos over the next day or two.

Here are a few pictures from around Bloomington….

View into campus, the optometry school, Assembly Hall and out old apartment. Ahhh, the memories….