HD Eye Exam-Did You Get One?

It used to be said that a refraction is a refraction is a refraction.  That certainly isn’t the case anymore.  The refraction is the portion of your eye exam when your glasses prescription and the best that you can see with correction is determined.  Many patients have come to dread this part of the eye exam out of a fear that “I’ll get it wrong and screw up my glasses prescription” and out of confusion about just what they are supposed to say.

For decades, the manner in which the refraction is performed has not changed.   Recent technology has revolutionized the refraction at Warren Eye Care.  We now almost never ask our patients “which is better, lens 1 or lens 2”?  while at the same time flipping from one lens to another.  We now show patients both choices simultaneously and have them pick between the two.  This makes the process not only easier for the patient is much faster as we get to the final Rx in less than half of the number of questions as with a traditional refraction.

By using the 3D Wave Autorefractor/Topographer/Aberrometer, we have an excellent starting point for the refraction as well as having the information directly imported into the Total Refraction System (TRS).  The data is used then used to perform the refraction.  For many patients, the HD Eye Exam consists of taking measurements with the 3D Wave and then refining the prescription with three questions per eye.  That’s it!  We complete the exam quickly, easily and more accurately.

With the TRS we can also show patients the way that they see with their current Rx compared to their new Rx.  This makes the decision to upgrade their eyeglass lenses or not much more clear and easy.  At Warren Eye Care, its all about the patient experience……


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