Best Practices When Caring For A Diabetic Patient

It is well known and accepted that an annual dilated eye examination is the standard of care for individual who have Diabetes.  At Warren Eye Care, we go a bit further in the care of our Diabetic patients.

The first change in Diabetic Retinopathy is a thickening of the retina, referred to as “Macular Edema”.  This condition can occur quite early in the Diabetic Eye Disease process and is the first sign that trouble is coming.  It usually takes about a 40% increase in retinal thickness before the best trained eye doctors can detect the thickening.

Utilizing state of the art technology we are able to very accurately measure the thickness of the retina in our Diabetic patients.  We can detect Macular Edema in the 6-7% range with the Retinal Thickness Analyzer.  This allows us to pick up the earliest signs of Diabetic Retinopathy, earlier than if we rely on direct viewing of the retina alone.

We may not need to treat a patient’s retina at this very early stage, but we know to watch these patients much more closely and more frequently than direct visualization of the macula may indicate.   If you, a family member or a friend are Diabetic, please see to it that at a minimum a dilated eye exam is performed yearly.  And even better if you  or they have an examination with the Retinal Thickness Analyzer.



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