November Is Diabetes Awareness Month

If you read any newspaper, news magazine or website that has any healthcare information, you should be aware that Diabetes is on the rise in the United States.  Some have gone so far to call it a “Diabetes Epidemic” given the tremendous rise in the Diabetes rate among adults and children.

Its easy for the chronic conditions that plague us to be overshadowed by all of the attention that the media is giving to H1N1 and the seasonal flu.  Don’t forget that Diabetes is a disease that is always a factor in American Healthcare.  The American Diabetes Association has some great information about Diabetes, and events for Diabetes Awareness Month.

As an eye doctor, my primary concern is for the eye health of my Diabetic patients.  Be sure that you or any friends or loved ones who are Diabetic get their annual Dilated Eye Exam.  The best defense against vision loss from Diabetes is early detection and intervention when indicated.  Once vision is lost to Diabetic Eye Disease, it frequently cannot be restored.



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