Study Supports What We’ve Felt For Some Time

Over the last few years, injecting drugs directly into the eye has been a successful treatment for some Macular Degeneration patients.

Lucentis is the FDA approved drug for the treatment of Macular Degeneration, the drug Avastin is very similar (and manufactured by the same company as Lucentis) is FDA approved for the treatment of coleorectal cancer but has been used “off label” to treat MD for quite some time.

Both drugs were found to be effective in the treatment of MD.  The biggest difference?  Price.  An injection of Lucentis costs approximately $2,000 while an injection of Avastin costs approximately $40.  Yep, a 50x difference in price.  When you consider that some patients will undergo up to 13 injections in a year of treatment, the savings per patient could total $25,480!

This is an early study and more data will be collected.  Its interesting to learn that the manufacturer of both drugs, Genentech Pharmaceuticals, has refused to sponsor a head to head study of their two medications.


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