Back From Vacation

My family and I were fortunate to have a chance to spend 4 days in Key Largo, FL.  We’ve become big fans of that area for vacations.  While Delta and AirTran take turns making it hard for us to get either there or home, our trips there are always fun and enjoyable.  If you want information about this great area or any other portion of the Florida Keys, drop me an email!

Look for more updates and blog entries coming up soon.  We’ve just added Eyemaginations 3D Eye Home to our patient education efforts.  This technology allows us to provide our patients with information before and after their appointments.  These high quality animations detail vision correction and eye health issues incredibly well.

We’ve also purchased a new anterior segment camera which will improve our ability to photo document exam findings of the front portion of our patients’ eyes.  Things such as corneal ulcers, corneal abrasions, foreign bodies and many more “front of the eye” problems will be documented better.  We will be able to store these images in our Electronic Health Record as well as share them with patients when desired.

That’s it for now.

Talk to you soon!



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