New Lens Technologies

New Varilux Lenses

Varilux has been an innovator in progressive multifocal lenses.  Ever since they introduced their first no line bifocal, they have driven the field with innovation and invention.  Its no accident that the Varilux Comfort is still a great progressive lens over 12 years after it was introduced.

Varilux has really hit on a winner again.  Their 360° series of lenses tie great lens materials together with cutting edge lens manufacturing processes to revolutionize the progressive lens market.  I’m always very skeptical of sales representative tales of “clearer”, “better” and “superior” lenses, and this product launch was no exception.  I’ve talked with colleagues and read trade publications looking for opinions that I trust and after a few articles and discussions decided to evaluate the Physio 360° lenses myself.

All I can say is WOW! I’ve been wearing progressive lenses for just about two years now, trying many different designs and materials.  These lenses provide by far the most comfortable viewing angles, clearest vision and most natural vision that I’ve had with any progressive lenses.  We are now recommending these lenses for all of our progressive lens wearers, period.

The 360° lens series was designed to provide a wider clear field of view in all types of lenses, single vision, lined bifocal and progressive lenses.  While most of our patients who will benefit from these lenses will be wearing progressive lenses, we have had similar feedback from our patients who are now wearing the single vision or lined bifocal 360° lenses.

Here’s a video about the “Varilux Experience”



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