How Connected Are You?

I’m writing this blog entry at 40,000 feet above Iowa as I’m flying to a meeting in Las Vegas where I’ll be doing some presentations and have several meetings scheduled.  I know, tough duty.  But this trip really is going to be about 80% work with some fun thrown in just to keep me from becoming a dull boy!

I’m amazed by the percentage of our patients who have email addresses that they check frequently.  We use this information more and more to communicate with our patients.  From emailing newsletters to appointment reminders and in the not too distant future, appointment confirmation/rescheduling and booking will be available to our patients.  We will be rolling these features out a bit at a time, but online bill payment, order status updates, contact lens reorders etc will all become available to our patients.

You may have read about the federal push towards electronic medical records and access to information.  You can rest assured that we are at the forefront of these efforts, because of our commitment to our patients and because of my ownership stake in RevolutionEHR (  We’ll continue to push the technology envelope for our patients’ benefit both in and outside of the office!


PS.  If anyone has any surefire Keno numbers, I’m all ears!


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