Children And Contact Lenses

Many of my most successful contact lens patients are children.  Why is that?  The primary reason is that they don’t have any preconceived notions about what wearing contact lenses is like.  Unlike adults, children are experiencing many things for the first time every day.  They are much more open to new experiences and “ways of doing things”.  They also tend to follow instructions instead of trying to “do it my way”.  This means that they follow scientifically designed lens care and replacement programs better than adults.

My first reaction to reading this article was “why would parents not consider contact lenses for their children”?  But after reading the article a couple of times it became clear that it was just a lack of knowledge about contact lenses, especially newer lens materials, designs and lens care products.  Many parents either wore contact lenses years ago when they were less comfortable and more work to maintain and care for, and many of us are in the age group that requires distance and near vision correction (bifocals for many).  Some adults in this category are told “bifocal contact lenses don’t work” or “you can’t wear contact lenses” which limits their experience with modern contact lenses.

I’ve decided to go on a campaign of patient and parent education.  Not to increase my contact lens practice but to insure that parents and children know their options when it comes to vision correction.

John Warren, OD


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