Vision Shaping Treatment – Part II

The before treatment corneal topography images are on the left and the after treatment measurements are on the right.  Cooler colors represent areas of reduced corneal curvature, either from permanently removing corneal tissue during LASIK or from reversible reshaping in VST.  Notice that the after treatment images have much more blue in their center.  Can you tell the difference?

Before And After

Utilizing corneal topography, I can create a “difference” map to see just how much the cornea has been flattened, how symmetrically it has been flattened and whether the VST lens needs to be adjusted and if so, in what way and by how much.  These changes can be made by simply ordering a new VST retainer, not be repeat surgery.

The patient on the top underwent VST, the lower patient underwent LASIK.  both have 20/20 vision and are doing well.

In the next blog entry, I will talk about who is a good candidate for VST, what makes a person a poor candidate for VST and how I go about the lens design process.


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