Bausch and Lomb Solution Changes/Un-Changes

Bausch and Lomb have renamed and will be repackaging their contact lens solutions.  Don’t be confused by the name change, the solutions are the same and will still work well for you.  Here’s a press release that B&L put out about the changes.

Bausch & Lomb Vision Care (B&L) announces a renewed focus on its ReNu brand of lens care solutions through a U.S. consumer need-based rebranding effort that introduces eye care practitioners and consumers to ReNu Fresh Lens Comfort and ReNu Sensitive Eyes. Additionally, the company has recently established a dedicated U.S. lens care solution and eye care product sales force that is primarily responsible for engaging with eye care practitioners and keeping them updated on the benefits of B&L products for their patients and their practice.

ReNu Fresh Lens Comfort, formerly ReNu MultiPlus, is specifically designed to keep contact lenses feeling like a fresh pair every day. The formula is the only multi-purpose solution on the market with Hydranate, a clinically-tested ingredient that removes protein deposits that accumulate during wear. It also contains poloxamine to help remove dirt and debris and enhance wettability and moisture retention for a more comfortable feeling throughout the day, as well as DYMED, which provides unsurpassed disinfection efficacy, according to the company.

To support the introduction of Fresh Lens Comfort solution, B&L has launched a fully integrated consumer marketing campaign which includes the website, a free-standing advertising insert distributed in newspapers nationally, in-store shelf talkers and banners, and an online advertising and search keyword campaign.

Additionally, B&L has repositioned its ReNu Multi-Purpose Solution as ReNu Sensitive Eyes. Available in new packaging at stores nationwide in July 2009, this multi-purpose solution is designed specifically for lens wearers who want a gentle formula. ReN

Renu Sensitive Eyes features fewer ingredients and is intended to provide gentle cleaning without sacrificing performance and a high level of disinfection for healthy lens wear, per the company. B&L will also launch a fully integrated consumer campaign to support the ReNu Sensitive Eyes solution.

B&L has also established a dedicated U.S. sales force known as the Eye Care Specialist (ECS) team. Tasked with reaching out to the medical community and driving engagement, the ECS team is currently focusing on reaching eye care practitioners in the eastern half of the U.S. The program may also expand to the western half of the country next year.



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